Skylark Himalayan

Nepal is the place where maximum number of Mountain lies so whenever people heard the name mountain; the first thing that comes in mind is Nepal. It’s because 8 of top 10 highest mountains lies in Nepal including the Mt. Everest (8848m). The Nepal’s Himalayan is one of the world’s greatest and top most trekking destinations. In the western Nepal, there are another mountain range that defines the boundary between China and Nepal.

Most of the people from mountain area are engaged in tourism sector. Like; trekking guide, porter, own guesthouses, restaurant and all. As a rule, life of mountain people its self is challenging. Sherpa, Gurung, rai, Tamang, etc. are the major caste of mountain where as Hindu and Buddhist are the major religion.

Trekking in mountain of Nepal these days is completely different to that of 19s. Teahouses, lodge and restaurant have been established in all the main trekking area, conservation Area, National park. The trekking trial has been better and managed and vehicle can reach to some point of the mountain.